Director & Producer - Filmography

After having studied Architecture and Film Direction (Institut des Arts de Diffusion- Belgium), Emmanuel Jespers works as a director for corporate films, advertisements and documentary films: "Grandeur et miniature de la Bosnie-Herzégovine" (1995), and "Darko & Vesna" (1996) were selected in many festivals worldwide.

In 1999 he founds the production company “EZEKIEL 47-9 FILMS” and directs “Le Dernier Rêve” (2000), his first short fiction starring Cecile de France. Selected in competition at Cannes in 2000, the film won 23 awards.

In 2002 he directs two shorts for Gaumont Television and Universal France “Nervous Breakdown” (starring Cecile de France) and “A night to Remember”. The two shorts are part of a TV collection of 25 shorts: “Urban Myths Chillers”.

After having signed a “First Look Deal” with Fox Searchlight, he directs “Personal Spectator” (Nov 2006) with Tom Harper and Emily Hamilton. Personal Spectator is an absurd comedy/drama shot in 3 days with an extra low budget of 2500 US dollars. The film won 14 awards.

In 2007 he co-directs “Artefacts” a feature film (Thriller), with Giles Daoust, with a budget of 100000 US dollars. The film is distributed by Cinevault and Grindstone, a division of Lion’s Gate International.

In 2007 “Deux Soeurs”, a short fantasy thriller won two top prizes at the Brussels International Fantasy Film Festival, 2008.

Since 2008 he produces and directs TV commercials, corporate films, and prepares a second feature film “Natalie”.